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i can almost make you out in infra-red [entries|friends|calendar]

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beseeching me to come and keep the score [28 Mar 2016|11:24am]
the future is here,
it's bright
it's now
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wow, what a week [23 Oct 2015|06:02am]
over 80 hours clocked w/o sleep. loving it at dye & durham, looking forward to an excellent weekend x...

also, it's called plausible deniability, you dolt(s). Nobody fucking reads LiveJournal. It's 505 AM and woah, yes restore draft after I changed the battery almost had this erased from existence.

Feeling accomplished.
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cherry disconnect the phone [22 Jun 2015|11:04pm]
We're back in the US, Hussars.
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40 klicks on repeat [13 Jun 2015|10:39am]
another cog in the murder machine
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well it's surveillance of assailants if that's what you wanna call it [09 Mar 2015|10:30am]
yeah bobby b you can call me a duke
and my left knuckles steady as cool hand luke
seen a copper in a cruiser split the lane wide
said yeah I'm twenty-seven feels just like suicide
no kidding, gun slinging, spurs hitting the floor
i'm anonymous boss like guy fawkes with HP sauce
no remorse for pedestrians rockin shit like equestrian
repainted montreal red fucked a pilot's wife for attention
cause chaos rock like azazel
repurposing lyrics but not for appraisal
somebody told me to leave cuz i ain't lookin' too great
nobody better trick on me lock me up and better swallow the key
I ain't no skid just some regular rottage
Comin' straight outta rawdown I'm straight out the cottage
Cuss like a courier drink like a spic
My only words of wisdom are I don't give a shit
I'm sowin my oats up and down the coast
and I'll keep on truckin til it falls into motion
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if you are monitoring these means you are wasting our tax dollars. yours and mine. [15 Feb 2015|12:13pm]
rather fitting the king of hearts doubles as the suicide king.
this evening is the massacre.
about to embark on an historic journey; i must be out of my mind RUN FOR IT MARTY

50 years of no red ensign. maple leaf forever.
the sun is shining bright in british columbia

don't tell me what the poets are doin'
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analyze and interpret [22 Oct 2014|04:28am]
watching full house on netflix at 4 o'clock in the morning. now there's a terrorist organization named after an Egyptian goddess and bob dylan song. gimme back my hezbollah, gimme back my ebola, gimme back my alcohol, gimme back my berlin wall, gimme back those crimson tides, gimme back those clear blue skies, gimme all your tolerance, gimme plaid pyjama pants, gimme hieroglyphs to decipher, gimme michelle pfeiffer, gimme the closest thing to perfect, gimme wordsmiths put on this planet with no purpose. I make you nervous.

whatever happened to predictabilaty?
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adanacian [21 Jun 2014|01:09pm]
Twenty fourteen,
a number; another summer.
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whistler blower [29 Mar 2014|07:42am]
missus mciver
clasping the gold of some medals she already won
here comes the sun
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took the train to richmond that fell [18 Jan 2014|04:28pm]
all i could conjure up to say in the moment was an advertising slogan, "our mouths are dentyne fresh", as we fucked senselessly into the dawning of yet another day.
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st-henri, 26th of august, 2011 [05 Jun 2013|09:55pm]
in fact there's a problem with time,
we want it to pass, you know?
we don't really want time to pass us by
but we delude ourselves into thinking it does.
And that's a lie we tell ourselves.
Time doesn't pass at all.
We do.
Time is what stays.
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of elevators and escalators [05 May 2013|10:33am]
meet me in the mezzanine
but ya better bring the benzedrine
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roadway maps selling the souls of the dead [21 Mar 2013|05:41pm]

i haven't even told you about 12 house yet. welcome to your urban laurentians, like red bunker and fortress of ratitude times a billion. like bloor west but better.

if you think at all now
come on man
i was a black beret
in afghanistan
i want no more of your sailing stories
cuz i find them very boring

cambie street & 3rd
trying to sell a bike
cambie street & 3rd
what colour would you like?
cambie street & 3rd
go ahead and take a hike
cambie street & 3rd
we could trade it for a pike

then i took out my hunting knife
then i tried to take my life
see the cops across the street
they think they are so elite
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and then there was new years near dufferin [09 Feb 2013|09:48pm]
honestly 2013 is shaking out real well so far. broke up with haley but what can you do. feeling really reflective right now.

this is to commemorate all the awesome that has happened between the poker games, campfire, crashing with leigh & bryan, my parents and all the awesome that has happened since getting back to van with nick, tom, a new jen, seb, a new erin and amber. all these people i have met courtesy of ciara & corbin. it all traces back to the cambie. my life would not be where it is now without the cambie.
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didn't take too long 'fore i found out, what people mean by down and out [03 Jan 2013|02:29pm]
feels like i've aged 10 years in two weeks.

partied on a saturday night between nelson street and templeton. went drinking with andy and jessica sunday night- roadtripped to seattle on monday. tuesday i flew into montreal. wednesday i played poker til the crack of dawn. daytime we poutined at hatters- then we had the patron's party later that day. thursday we went on at grumpy's- friday i do believe was captivating, hey. we met sheldon & audette near rachel, beforehand seeing camalus at pirahnna bar. loft party somewhere and the cops cracked us down but we left and talked well into the night. i think we took a cab home but i can't remember- the next night was at mckgibbons and i gobbled up an irish stew that couldn't be beat. now i have some laundry to grab but i will be back to finish my story. went to astral cafe with jacques and his family somehwere in all this upon his arrival from halifax. my bus was delayed so i met up with grabreck, elias, ryan millward and justin v at frites alores (again). biddles and louie(osi) were there, too. then began my busride to toronto. my sister picked me up at don mills and then some pet paradise spread action happened- this was, of course, the 23rd of December. the next day i went to the mall of upper canada, mostly for the exercise. I also stopped in at palace pizza and talked with tula for a bit. we went to a church service at trinity later that evening. after a christmas dinner willowdale, thornhill, that couldn't be beat i met a couple of my closest long gone cousins whom were able to drive me to finch station, thankfully and for the first time in my life i partied on christmas night (with bry guy!). dec. 26th became another poker night, with marshall mara in his humble abode near yonge and elgin mills. this was the 3rd poker night i had and a subsequent one happened on the 28th with had much more vigor. i failed to mention the second poker night at merrick's place pre-grumpy's outting- oh well. i'm goin surfin', i'm goin' surfin'..
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did i mention i've been living in alberta since may? [16 Aug 2012|08:58pm]
oh yeah, and then there's that. so to give better perspective on how this all began... there was the pre-montreal period, the montreal years and now i'm in the post-montreal period. although it is dated i cannot begin to claim when this journal began except that it began under my name sometime seven or eight years ago. there was one previous of which i can (and have, before) probably recover and will, in due time, for posterity's sake. my cross-hairs are on njmigen now. but to get back to my original point pre = 2005 and half of 06, that is, the working up to my teenage moveout and the crazy summer i stopped time. the montreal years span from 2006-2011, post wherein i moved to vancouver and became a duke of connaught. this journal has been posted from at least nine different sources (PCs) and in seven different, distinct areas of the country including but not limited to newmarket, toronto, petawawa, montreal, quebec city (valcartier), vancouver and as of this very moment, wainwright, alberta. some chronology to put this gibberish in context.

my ankles are crossed right now and becoming numb. time to put on some civilian clothes and get some fresh air. one of my greatest adventures is about to take place at the end of this month so stay tuned.
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[01 Apr 2012|09:44pm]
oh yeah it's all blue skies and cloud cover east vancouvah rompin stomp
spent last night in a weapons cache
too cool, in school
stomach ow!
tom waits, kapow.
arrrrrrrrt staaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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[17 Mar 2012|10:30am]
well i dropped three grand going out west
had to sell my ass on beaty street.
so tell me brave captain.
saint patrick and saint cecilia, this is where you go when you die.
hahahaha, and it was delicious. i remember.
ain't no rest for the wicked.
i had spent all my money in a francophone whorehouse 'cross the street from the moimon choich.
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[08 Sep 2011|08:33am]
pacific, eastern/european
lose an hour, gain an hour
this is your life walking spanish
as heaven is wide
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spit and quit [19 Dec 2010|08:46pm]
hungry and hungover i think it's time to go
blackhole twissster
sister yes i missed her
and i was so much older then
i'm younger than that scotch.

my clothes in the dryer won't dry
these sleeping dirty dogs won't lie
the phone just rang it was lou-ph
or "lewf" my ole neighbour
a feast of friends,
alive, she cried!
i'm bound to pack it up
one half hour
i'm out the door.

need nicotine patches. colts are playing giants. sam blackhurt's a fan.
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